Video Vinyl Converter website is coming soon!

Hi there,

We’re working really hard on getting a suitable website¬† up and running so you will be able to buy any of the Video & Vinyl Conversion Kits, plus Computer Connection Kits that we sell.

Our Conversion Kits allow you to convert your older video formats, such as VHS & Betamax, to the newer and better DVD or online video formats, so you can keep your cherished moments stored in a format that won’t deteriorate and put them online, so friends and family everywhere, can view them.

Our Connection Kits allow you to connect your laptop or PC to your television so you have the convenience of watching any computer output via your television. The audio connection kit allows you to connect your laptop, Smartphone or iPod to your stereo, to listen to you music as it should be heard

All of our kits are great simply because they work with your existing equipment, rather than forcing you to buy expensive hardware to complete the conversions or connect yo devices together. This also has an environmental benefit as they create less waste by allowing you to re-use your older equipment.

Anyway, for now, we’re going to get back to getting this site online and we hope you’ll stay around to see the end product.


The Video Vinyl Converter Team

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