We get so many requests from Mac users about our kits and the options available to them. As many of you may know, our Vinyl 2 MP3 kits are fully compatible with Mac computers and will make a great addition to your software collection, allowing you to convert your older audio recordings into the newest formats. Our Video 2 DVD kit is also very popular with Mac users and we had many requests to make a Mac compatible kit……so we did. Our kit now comes in a Mac compatible version and although we’ve completed some initial testing on the new option, we’d really like to make a trial of this new setup with some brave customers. We’d like to offer this kit to the 5 lucky buyers at half price, in exchange for feedback on their experience using the kit, so we can work out the finer points from a consumer’s point of view. Anyone interested in this should follow this link and enter the code ‘beta Mac’ in the notes of their payment for the Video 2 DVD kit. We’ll send the kit out and will give you 50% cashback as a refund, after you provide us with clear and constructive feedback on the use of the item and your experience in getting it to work on your system. Please feel free to contact us about this and as usual, if these kind of offers interest you, sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on any of our exclusive offers.



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