Super 8 (otherwise known a hi-8) is an 8mm video tape format that was popular in the mid nineties. We get so many requests from customers with old Super 8 videos that they want to be able to watch on their current DVD player, that we thought we’d outline just what you need to covert these, using our Video 2 DVD kit.

The main point to note here is that out kits are designed to work with you’re existing equipment and as such, our video 2 DVD kit comes with a number of different connection cables and adaptors is very versatile. As long add you have all of the cables you received with you’re camcorder, then there will rarely be a problem connecting to our kit and converting. If your Camcorder is, on the other hand,  broken or you’ve lost the associated cables in the mists of time, then our first suggestion here would be to try to either buy or borrow the right player or connecting cable from, say, eBay or using a Google search. To avoid any further complication, try to make sure any video player you do buy, has the necessary audio & video out cables to work with our kit.

Once you have both the player and the connecting cables, the rest is simple and our kit instructions will guide you through the whole conversion process in no time at all.

With the masses of different brands and models of player, it’d be very difficult to go onto ask the details of which player needs what cable and where to get it from, so for more specific guidance on your particular model of camcorder, please feel free to contact us for help with your Video 2 DVD conversion questions…we’re always glad to help.



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