The Fastest and Easiest Way To Convert Your Video Collection to DVDs…

In Just 3 Simple Steps!

Video 2 DVD Kit
Convert Any Video Tape (VHS or Betamax) To DVD Disc (Even Including Commercial or Copy-Protected VHS Tapes)
Works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 (64-bit supported!)
Simple Step-By-Step Software Installation & Instructions
Convert VHS or Betamax Tapes To Digital Video & Computer Files
Edit Your Transferred Video To Remove Anything Unwanted (Commercials, etc)
Create DVDs From Your Transferred Video (Or Existing Video Files)
TOTALLY FREE Video Transfer Cable Included! (£9.99 Value)
TOTALLY FREE Video 2DVD Capture Device Included! (£39.99 Value)
TOTALLY FREE SCART Socket Adaptor Included!

Quick & Easy To Setup

  • Step 1 – Insert the Software CD

  • Step 2 – Connect the Video 2 DVD Capture Device to your Computer
  • Step 3 – Connect the Cables to Your Video Player

Easy to Use

The CD has a automated menu that installs the software for you

Video 2 DVD Menu Screenshot Full instructions guide you through the whole process from connecting to burning your DVDs

Video 2 DVD Kit Instructions Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Included and Professional Level Video-Editing Software

Video Editin Suite Software

The Kit Has Many Uses…

Main Uses

  • Convert Old or Video/Betamax Cassettes, etc, to DVD files
  • Edit all files, using the provided software, so you can customise the length and quality of each file
  • Backup your whole video collection in a lossless format that will not deteriorate over the years
  • Record your newly created files to DVD (or CD) so you can watch them happily in your DVD player
  • Record your newly created files, so you can watch them happily in any other PC or media player

Additional Uses

  • Copy old recordings from older CamCorders via phono/RCA sockets
  • Get video from hard drive based systems such as media players and Tivo/Freeveiw Personal Video Recorder (PVR) systems
  • Convert your videos to then be uploaded to online video sharing sites, such as YouTube & Google Video
  • Record from a USA NTSC Video player & convert to use with any normal DVD player or on your PC
  • Edit your videos, professionally, by adding scene transitions and other effects
  • Transfer your videos or films onto a PSP, iPod or other compatible MP4 player
  • Add titles, chapters and descriptions to your new DVD creations, to play seemlessly on your DVD player
  • Add music to your video, to your liking

Your creativity is your limit!


Excellent Customer Feedback

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”f1f3c3″ align=”center” float=”true” width=”550″ mleft=”20″ mright=”20″]Customer Comment

I have rarely seen such dedication to detail in the products I’ve bought from companies on the net… your company has obviously taken great efforts to ensure that everything could be used without any great technical ability and if any difficulties are encountered, there’s immediate access to online support and guidance. You are the best I’ve ever seen for customer care. I see big things if you continue to treat other customers as well as I have been.

Brian Shay

Surrey, UK

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”f1f3c3″ align=”center” float=”true” width=”550″ mleft=”20″ mright=”20″]Customer Comment

Worked straight out of the box and so easy to setup. Already transferred 2 tapes and found the process a snap! I think I’ll have my whole collection transferred over to DVD within the next week or two. I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends, family and colleagues. A fantastic product from a great company.

Sherri Kries

Caysville, USA


[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”f1f3c3″ align=”center” float=”true” width=”550″ mleft=”20″ mright=”20″]Customer Comment

I found the software very easy to use and quick from start to finish. I bought both the Video 2 DVD and Vinyl 2 MP3 kits and they were a pleasure to use. I’m hoping to be completely rid of my old tapes forever in a matter of days. Fantastico!

Elizabeth Dorghety

Reston, USA


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The All-In-One Kit to Transfer Your Video Tapes to DVD

Video 2 DVD Kit

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Vinyl 2 MP3 Music Converter Music Converter CD

1 – Video 2 DVD Software CD

Video 2 DVD Video Cable

2 – TOTALLY FREE Video Transfer Cable

Video 2 DVD Capture Device

3 – FREE Video 2 DVD Capture Device

Video 2 DVD Scart Adaptor

4 – FREE SCART Socket Adaptor
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