Converting VHS, Betamax or Camcorder Videos to DVD 101 – The Winners and Losers

Looking online, we’ve found some pretty varying extremes from the expensive to the cheapest options for transferring old videos to DVD or online formats. We thought we’d mention that the top 3 we saw, namely; hardware options, video transfer companies and cheap eBay offerings, just didn’t cut the mustard!

Here’s why…


The Video to DVD converter we looked at, although sounding like a great idea, in principle, reading the reviews and online comments to get a general idea of it’s actual performance, we saw that it had issues with tracking, so the eventual recording would have lines and a jittery image throughout. So many buyers complained about this that it made no sense to entertain the idea because the manufacturer of the device didn’t seem to be working to resolve this issue so users usually returned the product and bought something else.

Video Conversion Companies

The companies that offer to record your videos for you and even add some additional features, such as DVD menus and chapters were again, a great idea and they no doubt do a very good job, as they are a specialists in this arena but in our opinion, the difficulty seemed to arise when customers needed to have full control over how they wanted their end product to look and feel and with many of these companies offering to do this service from either another country or miles away from their clients, customers would need to take a masterclass in communication skills to get exactly what they wanted…. either that or compromise on getting a different final product, for the sake of saving hours explaining every detail. The other issue here was cost as many of these companies charged by the hour and so the costs would eventually mount up, so this would need to be considered prior to starting. So you know if you have, say, 50 tapes, would this avenue be the best to get them all converted? Probably not!

Cheap eBay alternatives

Our final option seemed to be a dense forest of stress and torture! The problem here is that many of the converters we saw were either fake, had poor software, or came with little or no support Anyone buying one of the cheaper eBay kits would almost certainly have to spend many hours researching the product and solutions to the problems they encountered after buying the item. Their search would only really be of any use if they had a genuine product as opposed to one of the many cheap fakes on offer. With the number of hours they were likely to waste in getting the kit to work, we’re pretty certain they would rather have paid the additional to get one of our kits.

In Summary…

You need to choose an option that suits your needs as there are many way to skin a cat, or so the saying goes, but we believe our options are among, if not the best for allowing you to convert your video from VHS or Betamax or even to transfer old Camcorder videos to DVD. Our kit contains everything you should need, including all cables and connectors that can be used to connect to any standard video player, so you can use this on more than 1 device, if you need to, we give full instructions with the Kit and have a 24hr support site that contains guidance on all aspects of using our kits and we’re always available to help with any issue you may experience, if it’s not on our site.  You will be able to customise your videos to your hearts content so you get what you want and there will be no rush to get the job done due to hourly fees, no fear of buying a  fake and no chance of having a poor quality DVD at the end, as you can use our kit with your old faithful video player, so there’s no need t learn any new (old) VHS skills. Plus, we have a 30 Day 110% Money Back Guarantee on our products so if you are unhappy with the product for any reason, you can simply return it directly to us for a full refund + 10%! Now that’s a bargain!

Why not take a look at our shop and buy one of our Video 2 DVD Conversion Kits now?!

The Video Vinyl Converter Team

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