Computer 2 TV Connection Kit


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Want to use your TV to watch Computer Videos?

You watch your downloaded videos on your computer when you should watch them on your Television, using our kit


With our Computer 2 TV Kit, you can watch all of those videos in comfort on your TV, with little effort!


Our Computer 2 TV Kit can help

This Kit has EVERYTHING you will ever need to watch your videos on your TV & has EXTRA SOFTWARE to give you MORE FEATURES


Contains EXTRA Programs so you can use your Computer as a Media Centre

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This Opensourceshop Computer 2 TV Connection Kit contains everything you’ll ever need for connecting your computer or Laptop, to your Television (if your computer has an s-video port).

You can do the following with our comprehensive Kit…

  • Main Uses…
  • Connect  your Computer or Laptop to your Television to watch videos, either online or that you have downloaded
  • Listen to music stored on your computer or online, through your Television
  • Use your Television as your Computer or Laptop Screen

  • Additional Uses…
  • Install the included software to use your computer as  a  Media Centre, so you can view all your photos and Videos via your TV screen, using the intuitive menus in the package
  • View photo slideshows on your TV – bring your photos to life

Your creativity is your limit with this kit!

Click here to view full features and software details of the Kit.

Very Easy to Use

The Opensourceshop Computer 2 TV Connection Kit comes complete with full instructions included within the CD and free access to updated instructions via our website – it makes it so easy to run!

It has it’s own interface, when you insert the CD, so that installation is a breeze

computer 2 tv menu

If you want to install any of the programs, simply insert the disc into your machine when Windows is running and our automated installation menu will pop up. Then you simply click the relevant menu option… there is no need to become a computer expert to use our Kit.

Full Instruction Guide…

We give you a full guide, created by us, so you can easily start viewing your content via your TV.

vinyl 2 mp3 instructions image

To show how simple this is, here are the steps

Connection Cables

connectors logo image

Connect your Computer to your TV

Simply follow our instructions and connect your Television, to your machine, using cables and connections we provide

Computer 2 TV Multimedia Connection Kit Cables

We have 2 versions, so choose from the ones below:

The S-Video Version is for computers with the ports below
The VGA version is for the ports shown below
S-video port
vga port
VGA Port
video out port
S-Video Port
Video Out Port

With all of the above cables and connectors, you should be able to connect to any television with either a scart or s-video port.

Note: your computer or Laptop will need to have an S-Video port and headphone or line-out socket, to use this Kit.

Media Centre Software

audio logo image

Install the Supplied Media Centre Software

Simply insert our auto-running kit and install the software by following our easy instructions. Once setup, you can browse and enjoy your files with ease.

Here are some screenshots:

Computer 2 TV Media Software Screenshot 1

Computer 2 TV Media Software Screenshot 1

PLUS much, much more

green plus

Our Opensourceshop Computer 2 TV Multimedia Connection  Kit contains a GREAT list of programs and keeps growing…. if there’s something you’d like us to add to this kit, we’re more than happy to consider it.

We go the extra mile to make our customers happy.


Need a few more reasons? Read on…

Our Kit is Professional

… and so are we…

Computer 2 TV Multimedia Connection Kit CD

We use the highest standard of disc to produce this kit, so you will never receive shoddy discs that last 1 week and die

The CD has a fully printed label, so you will not lose it – you will always be able to recognise the Opensourceshop Computer 2 TV Multimedia Connection Kit

Installing the Windows programs is a breeze as we have created an Auto Run Installer, that guides you through installing the applications

The Kit is supplied using the best possible method, so it reaches you in pristine condition and stays that way too!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 Day, No Quibble, 110% Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfacttion guarantee image30 day money back badge

If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, return it and we’ll give you an extra 10% on the sale price!

We know this is very unlikely to happen, as we only sell the best products!

We do not quibble – we aim to make you happy

We have Excellent Feedback

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Need more info?

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If you do… see our Frequently Asked Questions

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Computer 2 TV Connection Kit


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